The YOTOK System

Wettbewerb Europan 13 The Adaptable City II, 2015
Onex-Bernex-Confignon, Genève
Zusammenarbeit mit 
Andrea Forgacs (Graphic Design), Elsa Deconchat (Architect), Oscar Buson (Architect, Raum404) Leonard Gurtner (Architect, Raum404)

YOTOK System

Giving the residents the desire and tools for densification
The residents should have a real interest in the evolution of their area and therefore experience a sense of liberty to develop as they see fit. As a result the residents will be able to both keep their homes and build on their plots if they wish.

A system applied to the plot
The YOTOK system recommends starting with the development of private plots according to the initiative of the owners and is based on opportunities to develop public spaces in the blocks. By creating a development system for the plot the YOTOK system seeks to meet the morphological and social diversity that constitutes the substrate of the evolution of the neighbourhood.

The YOTOK system. The Adaptable City
In addition to the development of the plots, Land owners have to share their long term goals to ensure that the primary urban infrastructure is created. This is necessary to allow everyone to take advantage of future opportunities. This primary infrastructure will also take advantage of the value of the existing vegetation that must be preserved as much as possible. The step of defining the primary urban infrastructure will be organized by the local authorities through workshops, with all those concerned, on a sector by sector basis. At the end of the workshop each owner will know how many of m2 can be built and under what conditions. The large range of existing plots means that owners can not all equally densify. However the YOTOK system provides solutions to enable those who wish to increase density with a BONUS system.